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Personal Favorite


Wanted: God's Character  00:12:51  (See original story)


DTG's YouTube Series

1. God Loves You  MP4 00:12:58 

2. Forgiveness MP4 00:12:34

3. Why the Cross?  MP4 00:13:57

Other DTG Video Presentations

1 & 2 In the Moment of Present Truth - Introduction & The Godhead 0:57:48

3 & 4 In the Moment of Present Truth - Holy Spirit & Hearing God 0:59:45

The Palms Of My Hands - (April 2002) 0:47:55MP4 File

The Passion of His Love - (August 2002) 0:49:47 MP4

Videos That Should Interest All Viewers

A Juror Speaks Out


Who Can Explain It? - Pop corn with a cell phone

Why You Should Never Talk to Police When Stopped


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