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A Comparison Between the KJV & the NIV Bibles

A Christian Looks At Easter

A Little Peek into The Convert's Catechism

A Study on the GODHEAD

Adventist Doctrines & Modern Versions of the Holy Bible

An Open Letter to Seventh-day Adventist Pastors Concerning Mel Gibson’s, “The Passion”

Bible Texts on DEATH

Catholic Bible Verses

Church Fathers, a Brief Examination of the "Falling Away" of the Church in the First Three Centuries

Criteria of Being an Approved SDA Independent Ministry

Our Authorized Bible Vindicated

Proof Texts that there is only ONE Supreme God & ONE Lord, Jesus Christ  PDF

The Christian Coalition

The Times of Refreshing

What, EXACTLY, IS the GOSPEL of Christ?  PDF  Audio

What Is TRUTH?


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