Words To Live BY


I May Never See Tomorrow

There's No Written Guarantee,

And Things That Happened Yesterday Belong To History,

I Cannot Predict The Future,

I Cannot Change The Past,

I Have Just The Present Moment,

I Must Treat It As My Last,

I Must Use This Moment Wisely For It Soon Will Pass Away,

And Be Lost To Me Forever As Part Of Yesterday,

I Must Exercise Compassion,

Help The Fallen To Their Feet,

Be A Friend Unto The Friendless,

Make An Empty Life Complete,

The Unkind Things I Do Today May Never Be Undone,

And Friendships That I Fail To Win May Nevermore Be Won,

I May Not Have Another Chance On Bended Knee To Pray,

And Thank God With Humble Heart For Giving Me This Day.




# # # # #