The Secret


To the casual onlooker it may seem that some successful men and women have had a streak of good luck. But when we get to know these people who are doing things, we find that luck did not enter into their success. And there is no magic formula. It is no secret.

A number of years ago the head of the great Carnegie Steel Company one day said to the head of the drafting department, "Al, I would like to have your best man for some special work."

"But my men are all good men," the head of the department replied. "I don't have a No. 1 man."

A few days later an order came from the manager's office asking every man in the drafting room to work two hours overtime each working day.

After some weeks of these extra hours in the department, the manager inquired, "How do the men like the accelerated program?"

"Like it? They don't like it. They are kicking about it all but one man."

"And who is that?" inquired the manager.

"His name is Charlie Schwab. He just eats work. He seems to enjoy it."

"Send him to my office," the manager requested. "He is your No. 1 man he's the man I was asking about." And the world knows that Charlie Schwab became steel king an outstanding man in the industry.

Only a thoughtful discerning eye could pick out a mark of character like that. But God searches our hearts and discerns every tendency we have whether for good or for evil. How thankful I am that as we surrender to Him and cooperate with Him He can remove the evil tendencies and replace them with the character of Jesus. How I long to have Him finish writing His law in my heart so He can seal it for Himself forever.


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