Romanism, Romanism


Romanism! Romanism!! Romanism!!!
'Tis the cry we hear from every side
It is the big bad wolf, and none else
But inspiration says nay

We have more to fear from within that without
'Tis apostate Protestantism that makes the more
With one hand it clast that of Spiritualism
And with the other that of Romanism

Aren't we told that apostasy in the Church
Prepares the way for the image of the Beast?
And this is brought about by unity of churches
" tis a gathering that's not of the Lord

Darkness de! ep shall cover the Church
Yet at midnight, a call is heard outside
" Go ye out and meet the bridegroom"
'tis for long He's been knocking the door

At this hour of crisis there is a split
Those wise enough "join the throng"
But the foolish went to buy oil at an odd hour
'Tis too late they found the door closed.

The woe! woe!! woe!!! prophets in the Jerusalem
Preaching all is well within the city
" tis klike old Jerusalem, a rude awakening
For not one Christian perish in there.

by Ibrahim Dille

# # # # #