Your Cluttered Space


"Thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly." Matt. 6:6.

Why would someone want to go into a closet to pray? If I am anywhere near normal, a closet brings to mind a small, confined space. A place where all the out-of-place items get tossed at the announcement of an unexpected guest. It is a place for empty hangers jutting out, half-dirty clothes waiting to be worn the last time, a hiding place for toys that cause conflict, and, yes, freshly laundered clothes. Sounds like a lot of clutter to me!

A closet is also a place in which you wouldn't fit comfortably with someone else. Why pray there? But that's just where Jesus waits for you. Not where things are neat and perfect, but at that place where things just lie, waiting to be fixed.

Here in your closet you'll find thoughts you have not dared share with anyone. Here are habits that only you know are still a part of your life and "half-dirty" attitudes that you have not yet gotten the courage to get clean. There are also empty hangers of decisions still to be made and confessions waiting to be spoken. Hidden "toys" that bring you pleasure at another's expense are there too. And, yes, there are usually a whole host of good intentions needing to be put into action.

What makes this particular closet even more ideal for prayer is that you can actually take its attitude with you anywhere you find yourself alone, where no one else is fitting comfortably with you-doing the dishes, taking a bath, weeding the garden, and even in those still hours of the morning when you can meet Jesus alone.

The truth is, closets are rarely neat and tidy, so Jesus is expecting your clutter. Meet Him there and enjoy the unique experience that awaits you in your cluttered space.

Here I am again, Lord, in the midst of the clutter of my life. Not only do You know all the chaos, You know the solutions. Take me. Clean me up. Organize me. Use me to Your glory.

--Patrice Williams-Gordon--


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