Just an Old Boot


I receive many inspirational thoughts while out on my walks. For manydays I had walked past an old boot lying beside the road in an uprightposition, as if someone had just stepped out of it. Just an old boot,hardly worth a second glance-and many did ignore it. Cars whizzed by;other folks jogged past, and day by day the boot just sat there.

But one day I did glance its way; something actually possessed me to goover to it. I could see the toes were worn and battered right down tothe protective steel toe. I picked it up and discovered that the heel
was broken open at the sole. But the laces were of a sturdy nature andfairly new. I looked inside. (Why, I do not know. Sometimes people dostrange things.) There, tucked down in the toe, was a brand-new pair of sunglasses. This boot now became more personal and lifelike. I observed
that it had been kept clean, even oiled for leather preservation. Whywould anyone spend money on oil for such a battered and worn boot? Ithought about the owner, probably a hardworking man who had cared forit and was getting the last bit of use out of his boots. He was perhapssad to have lost it and his glasses.

Just an old boot I am. I have worn toes from the kicks and stumbles oflife. My heels are cracked from recollections of unkind words andinsinuations from others. Some of my laces are still strong, and most of the time I can pull myself up and carry on with my daily duties. Iwill never be a new boot again here on this earth. But I know that oneday I will be, when Christ makes me over. Until then I will keep thisold boot oiled with His Spirit that I receive from the daily study ofHis Word and from prayer communion time.

I know He has looked inside of me and found a treasure of more worth than my exterior may indicate. And with His layering of heavenly oil-"thou anointist my head with oil"-I can weather the trials, disappointments, and heartaches and get this old boot through this life until I am made into a brand-new one.

-- Vidella McClellan

# # # # #