Must Go Shopping


One of these days I must go shopping.

I am completely out of generosity, and I must get some more.

I also want to exchange the self-satisfaction I picked up the other day for some reality, which they say wears better.

And I must look at some tolerance, which I hope will be worn as a wrap this season.

And the examples of kindness I saw; well I am a little low on that, and one can never have too much of it.

And by the way, I must try to match some of the patience I saw on a friend the other day. It looked very becoming on her, and I think it might look equally well on me.

And while I'm shopping, I will try on that little garment of perfect charity,

And I must remember to get my sense of humor mended,

And keep my eyes open for some inexpensive goodness.

It's surprising how quickly one's stock of goods is depleted.

Yes! I must go shopping.

(Sea Breeze, The Magazine of Eventide Home, Sandgate North, Queensland, Australia, 1983)


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