HYMNS: The Way We Might Sing Them, If We Were Honest


I Surrender, Some
Fill My Spoon, Lord
Oh, How I Like Jesus
He's Quite a Bit to Me
I Love to Talk About Telling the Story
Take My Life and Let Me Be
It is My Secret What God Can Do
There Is Scattered Cloudiness in My Soul Today
Where He Leads Me, I Will Consider Following
Just As I Pretend to Be
Oh, for a Couple of Tongues to Sing
Amazing Grace, How Interesting the Sound
Lord, Keep Us Loosely Connected to Your Word
My Hope Is Built on Nothing Much
Pillow of Ages, Fluffed for Me
When Peace, Like a Trickle
I'm Fairly Certain that My Redeemer Lives
What an Acquaintance We Have in Jesus
My Faith Looks Around for Thee
Joyful, Joyful We Think Thee Pretty Good
We Are Milling Around in the Light of God
Blest Be the Tie that Doesn't Cramp My Style
Sweet Five Minutes of Prayer


# # # # #