The Power of a Hug


It never ceases to amaze me how much one can learn from a little child.

I sat in a city park one day watching my grand daughter swinging when I felt this overwhelmingly great feeling. What was that? I had often felt this same feeling on our own little piece of land out in the country an hour north of Calgary.

It is strange how we ended up buying that place. We were looking for a place to live and finally discovered an old farmhouse on an acre and a half. It was a 30- minute drive back into the city and the house had been built as a one-room schoolhouse in 1911. The basement was still a dirt cellar. Looking at this old place, it was a downer to think of giving up my beautiful home in the city with wall-to-wall carpets, a lovely fireplace and a bay window. Then we walked out across the land and this beautiful feeling hit me. I commented to my husband, Shawn, "It feels so good here."

We looked through the old place and once again walked out in the yard and as we traveled down a wee slope to an enclosure this wondrous feeling again came upon me. "Shawn, it feels so good here!"

I guess I told him that at least three or four times and in the weeks and months that followed we purchased this as our new home. I received that glorious feeling each time I walked in a small enclosure we called our Secret Garden.

But I was not the only one to feel this warm energy. Each time we had company I encouraged them to spend some alone time in the Secret Garden and every single person said the same thing. They felt a warm good feeling come over them.

Now here I was in a park with my granddaughter and I had that same lovely feeling. I called over to my rambunctious little granddaughter to come and sit with me. "Jani, come over here and sit with grandma." She climbed up on the park bench and managed to slow her little energetic body down long enough to listen.

"Jani, will you sit here with me and just close your eyes and see if you feel anything?" I asked her. Bless her; she didn't question my weird request. She merely closed her eyes and sat perfectly still. I waited to see if she would experience what I did. And then I kept on waiting, as she seemed in no hurry to open her eyes. This was surprising for such a lively little bundle of energy!

Finally I could wait no longer. "Jani?" I touched her shoulder gently encouraging her to open her eyes. As she did, I asked her, "Jani did you feel anything?"

She broke out with a beautiful, radiant smile and said, "Oh Gamma, It feel like God giving me a hug!"


# # # # #