God Turms on the Water

We had run out of water. The level in the tanks had dropped to below the outlet. Peering inside, only a muddy sludge was visible on the bottom. I was getting 20 litres a day from a generous non-Christian neighbor, who teased me, "You mustn't be praying enough." For our household of 13 (we had visitors besides our large family) the amount was minimalist.

We tried banana leaves instead of plates to save the washing up. The children swam in the dam instead of bathing. And at a time like this, I was about to go overseas. My husband had given his full support to my trip, but that was before the water ran out. The widow and her oil of second kings chapter four, the water that flowed from the rock for the Israelites in the desert and modern miracles came to mind. The evening before I was to leave concluded two full days of water rationing.

We had had our usual evening worship of sacred song, prayer and Bible reading. We'd just got off our knees and I said, "This is not a good time for me to leave. Let's all get down again and pray specifically about the water." Children and grown ups all got back on their knees. Each one prayed. In my prayer, I thanked God that we had run out of water. I felt a personal thrill of anticipation: what would God do?

The pump had been switched off so that it wouldn't burn out when the water had run out. After our season of prayer, I asked one of the boys to put the pump back on. Immediately, water came gushing out of the tap in the bathroom. It had been left in the on position. Someone had a shower. We washed the dishes. In the morning, I left as planned.

When I phoned from Brisbane international airport, Bethany, my married daughter who was minding the children while I was gone, answered. She said, "Mum, this is amazing! The tanks are still empty. Cherith and I both looked inside. The tanks are hot and there is still only sludge on the bottom. But we are getting clean, cold water out of the tap.”

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