God - A Husband, A Father And A Mother


A friend of the pastor had just lost her mother and as she was telling him about it, she said, "You know pastor a number of years ago my husband died and I was lonely, but I still had my father and mother. And then my father died and I was lonely but I still had my mother." But now she said, "Mother is gone too and I am alone." Then the pastor said, "Dear sister, God is preparing to give you the most wonderful experience of your life. He is ready to be to you more than you have ever known that He can be. You are on the threshold of an experience of fellowship with Christ that will be closer than you have ever known."

And the pastor said, "May I give you 3 Bible text upon which I base my words: Isaiah 54:5, Psalm 103:13 and Isaiah 66:13. Isaiah 54:5 reads, "Thy Maker is thine husband". You have lost your husband but God is ready to be to you more than any human husband could be. Psalm 103:13 reads, "Like as a father pityeth his children so the Lord pityeth them that fear him." You have lost your earthly father but your heavenly father pities and loves you more than any earthly father ever could. And then that beautiful text, Isaiah 66:13 reads, "As one whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort you. " Oh, friend what a beautiful, beautiful promise, what do you say?

In Ministry of Healing (page199), we are told in plain language that "For all we have failed to receive from other human beings, God himself will make up to us in the best of favors." And so dear friend; my dear, dear friend, if somehow through bereavement, through separation across the miles, through some tragedy that has come into your home or your life that you are denied the love that some human friend might bring, believe me , Jesus is your friend and do not dismiss that with the wave of the hand and say,

"Oh, yes, I know that he loves me, he loves everyone."

No, no say with the Apostle Paul that he loves me and gave himself for me ", Gal 2:20. Its true dear friend, its true that God loves you! Why not seek to explore deeper into the mystery of His infinite love?


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