Enjoy It While You Have It


The story is told of a sweet young Christian wife whose husband was a drunkard. Night after night he would frequent the local bars, socializing and drinking with his buddies. On many an occasion he would brag about his wife, how sweet and considerate of him she was.

One evening, his buddies decided to find out if his boasts were true and asked if they could go home with him for an evening meal. It was already past midnight, but the husband was so sure of his wife's response to such a request, even at such an hour, that he immediately complied and led them to his home.

Upon arriving, they found his wife had already retired for the night. The husband woke her and let her know of his request. She quickly dressed and went into the kitchen to prepare a meal. And what a meal it was! No sandwiches roughly thrown together and tossed upon an empty table. The table was set as if for honored guests and the meal served was fit for a king.

The husband seated his friends around the table, beaming at the meal prepared by his lovely wife, satisfied that he had been proved right to his buddies. All during the meal his wife hovered near, waiting to see if any of them should like or need any thing further.

The husband began to realize what was happening. It finally occurred to him just how late it was getting, and just how tired his wife must be. Still, she smiled and complied with every wish that anyone made. Never did she speak a harsh word or give an impatient look to him or any of his guests.

When the meal was over and his friends had gone, he sat in the kitchen as his wife washed the dishes. As he watched her, a question keep gnawing at him. Finally he asked her, "Dear, why do you treat my friends and me in such a kind and sweet manner, especially at such a late hour?"

She looked at her husband with love in her eyes and replied, "Because this is the only world you will ever enjoy. I want you to at least be happy here."

Upon hearing this, his heart melted and he determined to surrender his life to the Lord. If his wife could have such love for him, then what love God must have for him also!


# # # # #