'Eternal Gospel' Warriors


They stood against the wily foe,

With 'five small stones', they said, " We'll go,

And face the giants in the final draw,"

Whose strength is the arm of the civil law.


They put on the armor of the living God,

And tread the path that few have trod.

They stood against both kith and kin

To do the work God gave to them.


Some thought they'd be an easy prey,

But just like Joshua, they dared to say,

" If the Lord delight, he'll lend a hand

And fell the giants of the land!"


Many complained as the crisis ballooned.

Oh, persecution will come too soon!

You cannot stand against the mighty Tew.

You're just a handful. You're just a few.


The burdens grew heavy as time wore on.

T'was hard to face the angry throng.

But they kept remembering how the Lord had led.

They never looked back, just straight ahead!


Refrain from these men, in the Bible we're taught.

If the work be of men, it will come to nought.

But if it be of God, no man can overthrow,

Lest haply you fight against God, you know.


They're on the firing line for Him,

Who shed His blood to save from sin.

They're walking and working and holding His hand.

For on the mighty Rock they stand!


A fire is burning in their heart

To give the warning and do their part!

We must not sleep! We dare not wait,

Or else we'll be forever late!


It wasn't only about a name.

God gave a message to proclaim.

Like leaves of autumn scattering about,

' Earth's Final Warning' must go out!


To reach the masses far and near

Cry aloud! Spare not! The message is clear.

They continue the work God gave them to do,

Many are called, but the chosen are few.



Written by Marla B.

October 3, 2001

# # # # #