These Doctors Know Best


Good health is a treasure, and what's more, it's free
If sought for, then guarded, quite healthy you'll be

I'm healthy, I'm happy, and if you ask "Why?"
" I've been to Eight Doctors," will be my reply

The first doctor playfully tossled my hair
He said, "Leave the city and get some fresh air!"

The second was warm as he beamed down on me
He said, "This is how you get vitamin D"

The third careful doctor prescribed temperence
And since then when tempted, I say, "Get thee hence!"

The fourth doctor cancelled our evening date
He said, "Get some sleep now, you've stayed up too late"

" The fifth doctor told me, enough of just talk.
Come now, put your shoes on, let's go for a walk."

The sixth doctor pointed to the bountiful field
And planned me a menu from all it would yield

The seventh fine doctor just gushed with advice
He said, "Drink it, bathe in it, water is nice"

The eighth doctor smiled as he said with a nod
" All things work together if you just trust in God"


# # # # #