Better Not Worse


Adapted from "Weimar Bulletin"
Weimar Institute, P.O. Box 486, Weimar, CA 95736


"Mother! What in the world are you doing?" Sonja asked incredulously.

Startled, Carol looked sheepishly down the stairs at her daughter who had just come home for their long anticipated family reunion. "Why, why nothing really," she stammered obviously embarrassed.

"Mother, something must be wrong! I know you better than that. You never scoot down the stairs instead of walking. Did you fall? Are you feeling weak or dizzy or something?"

"Well, Sonja, I didn't want to tell anyone, I didn't want anyone to worry over me and spoil our visits together, I didn't want to be a burden, but my feet hurt so bad. They feel like they are on fire. I've talked to the doctors, but all they tell me is it's just going to get worse! I don't know what I'm going to do."

Sonja gazed thoughtfully at her mother for a long moment wondering what she could do. She determined that if there was any help to be found anywhere for her mother, she would find it.

Foot pain was not Carol's only problem. For 14 years she had been tormented by migraine headaches, Bell's palsy, diabetes, and chest pain.

Hospitals had become familiar though not especially pleasant places to her as she recovered from not just one but two open-heart surgeries. Doctors had recently told her that a third operation would probably be necessary before much longer. How she dreaded the thought!

Pills for one ailment after another chased each other through the day. Her head felt as if it was full of crackles and crickets but no need to worry about that, the doctors said that was just the usual effects of those endless pills.

It was just about too much. Carol felt she could take it all if it weren't for the fire in her feet, but the doctor had said it would just get worse.

Carol again spoke. "Don't worry, Sonja," she said, "I'm still getting around, I've even learned that walking on my heels makes it bearable." She tried to make her voice sound courageous and forced a smile as she spoke.

Sonja said little more, but as soon as possible she called a friend in high government circles who did a lot of traveling, and after explaining the problem asked if he knew of anywhere that help could be obtained.

To her surprise, he began telling her of a friend who had just returned a "new man" from a little place in California.

Carol, following the lead, telephoned Sam who urged her, "Go, Carol, don't even think about it; just pack your bags and go!"

Daring to catch hold of this ray of hope, she went.

Exams, blood tests, and treadmills followed, but the atmosphere was so friendly that Carol relaxed.

Carol was placed on a simple diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Exercise was prescribed for her that was fitted to her limitations, but that got her out into the pure fresh air and warm sunshine. Vigorous warm and cool water treatments were added to restore the circulation to the painful nerves in her legs and feet. Time for sleep and relaxation were balanced with activities and opportunities to learn all she could about healthful living. It was almost a paradise to her.

Before long, she was walking 4 miles a day. The pain began to dissipate, and feeling came back into those numb toes and feet. Sleep that had long evaded her returned. Fatigue and depression left and in their place came the hopefulness and cheer that had marked her more youthful days.

Carol describes her progress this way: "After 25 days, my triglycerides, cholesterol, and blood sugar are down; my chest pain is gone; only a few humming noises still bother me; and I can walk flat on my feet now. It took me years to get into this mess and it's going to take time to get out. But in the Lord's time I can do it and I'm going to hang onto His hand real tight. The Lord is the only healer. His way is so simple. I would love to get on a soapbox and tell it to the world."

Friends, I would like to share with you part of the prescription given to Carol that brought so much health and joy back to her.

"Eat whole plant food as God's plants grow it. Start your own vegetable and herb garden. Plant your own fruit trees, grapes, berries, grains, legumes, and nuts. Burn the food you eat correctly by exercising muscles in well-balanced useful outdoor work and walking. Trust in God. He will give you rest."

The wonderful results Carol has just shared with you are God's results, God's lifestyle, God's gift and to God's glory. Carol simply learned to love Him and obey his laws for health and eternal life.

The blessings that come from living in harmony with God and nature can be yours, too.



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