Bethany's Advice


O, Lord, . . . be thou my helper. Ps. 30:10

Ron parked our car in the driveway of our daughter's home, and we began carrying suitcases inside. After hugs from our granddaughters, 7-year-old Rachel and 5-year-old Bethany, we went to our room to unpack and settle in. The girls followed us to find out what Grandma and Grandpa had brought them from India.

We unpacked suitcases one through four. The tiny brass elephants for the girls were not in them. I tried my keys on the fifth suitcase, but none of them opened the lock. I tried them the second time, and still none of them worked. Agitated now, I emptied my purse and checked the front pockets of all of the suitcases.

"I have to have the key somewhere!" I exclaimed impatiently. "I know I had it when I locked this suitcase. Why can't I find it? It must be one of the keys on my ring, but none of them work."

"Don't get upset, Grandma," Bethany said in a very grown-up tone. "Everything will be OK. Jesus lives in this house. He can help you, so don't get upset."

"OK," I responded, feeling chastened by her words. "I'll not get upset. You are right. Jesus will help us find the key for this lock."

Once again I picked up my ring of keys and chose a key to try. Slowly, I inserted it in the stubborn lock, and it popped open. "Now, why didn't that work before?" I mumbled.

"See, Grandma!" Bethany said. "I told you Jesus would help you."

The elephants were inside, and so were some coloring books and other gifts for the children. They ran to show their treasures to their mother, leaving me to think about Bethany's advice. Her complete assurance that Jesus could set things right was humbling. How often I get frustrated, trying on my own to set things right in my life, only to find it does not work.

Yes, Lord, I prayed silently, I know You have the key to all the situations I face. Help me to calm down, and look to You instead of to myself for help. Help me to remember the wise words of Bethany the next time I face a frustrating situation I can't handle. "Don't get upset, Grandma. Jesus lives in this house and He will help you."

Dorothy Eaton Watts

# # # # #