Angel in the Back Seat

A Seventh-day Adventist minister and his wife went to a distant town to preach one Sabbath. This town was about an hour or twos drive from their home and through a desert area. As they were returning home that day they had to go back through this desert area again. As they were driving along they saw an unusual sight. There was a hitchhiker. They kindly picked him up and went on. This man wasn't a talker. As the minister and his wife continued on they spoke to one another of Jesus soon coming. The Seventh Day Adventist couple asked the man in their back seat if he believed that Jesus was coming soon. The man didn't answer but soon he told the minister and his wife that he would like for them to drop him off now. The minister was sure that he had misunderstood the man. But yes, the hitchhiker wanted to be dropped off here, in the middle of this desert area. The Seventh Day Adventist minister said that he would be happy to take him to the next town since they were going that far anyway.

It was a hot summer day and no one should be left walking in the hot desert sun like this. But the hitchhiker was adamant. So they pulled over and let the man out. After he got out and closed the door the couple looked back one more time before pulling out onto the highway again. The hitchhiker was gone!

They looked silently at one another and the minister got out and went to the edge of the road. The desert sloped down away from the road at the point and one could see far and away. There was no one there! This was a desert! Just sand and scrub bushes here and there! There was nowhere for a man to hide! Then the pastor saw some marks in the sand, something that could be tracks maybe? He went over to investigate. There was some writing in the sand. It said, "Yes, Jesus is coming soon! Sooner than even Seventh-day Adventists think!"


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