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05 June 2019


Hebrews 4 - Part II

Did the people in the times of Adam, Noah or Abraham need a book to tell them that there was a God who created all things? I, like all Christians, was taught that Genesis, chapters 1-3 were describing the creation of the physical world, and the actual fall of mankind. In the Hebrews 4, Part I study, questions 3 and 4 gave evidence that these chapters in Genesis are describing in a parable, the spiritual completion of mankind in the image of God, which is not yet finished. Additionally, God has never ceased from His work to bring it about. For (this reason) the ones believing do enter into the rest, Heb 4:3.

Read Hebrews 4:7-11:

1. In verses 7 & 8, what is another way ‘the rest’ is referred to? {In verse 7 the word limiteth is old English for appointed. The base meaning of the Greek is to define, to mark out; in the accusative, to appoint, to decree. A ‘day’ here does not refer to 24 hours, but a period of time that runs parallel to the rise of evil in the world. A certain day, or time was appointed by God in the beginning when mankind would be brought into His fullness through Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son.}

2. At the writing of the book of Hebrews, did Paul make the rest present or future to his day? Verse 9 {Actually, both - see Heb 4:3. The rest has always been there, but how to accomplish it was not understood until after the cross. A different word for rest g4520 is used in verse nine instead of katapausis g2363 or katapauo g2364. The root of Sabbatismos g4520 is transliterated from the Hebrew word shabbat h7676. It means a keeping of the sabbath (or rest). The Jews were required to literally rest from all work on the seventh day; it was a sign between God & Israel in the wilderness, Eze 20:10-13, & a type of entering into the spiritual rest of which Paul writes about here in Hebrews, & why he says Joshua did not give them rest - It is not literal.}

4. What proof does Paul give that the ‘rest’ is spiritual and future? Verse 7-8; Josh 21:44-45; 23:14-16; Ps 95:7-11 {The KJ & other older versions put Jesus with a marginal note that Joshua is meant, whose names are the same, cp Acts 7:45. Joshua gave Israel temporal rest, from their enemies in Canaan, not a spiritual rest. The Holy Spirit through David said, Today, if you will hear His voice....}

5. How are we to enter the rest? Verse 10 {We are to cease from our own works for our salvation, Eph 2:8-9, and have dominion over the work of God’s hands, Ps 8:6; Gen 1:28. Let us therefore, be diligent to enter that rest. As a friend stated: We need to accept that we can enter God’s rest now! We have to enter now so that we can cease from our own works & God can fix us; then He can rest.}

Read Hebrews 4:12-16: Actual Greek for the first of verse 12: For the word of God is living and active.

6. How would you explain this phrase to another person? Jn 5:26; 6:63; Rom 10:9 {Spiritual life is obtained by the concepts contained in words, & when applied will change the heart. The action of God’s word is displayed by our obedience to those spiritual concepts.}

7. To what does the two-edged sword refer? Ps 57:4 {God’s word is also likened to a sword, Eph 6:17; words out of the mouth that cut to the soul, Rv 1:16.}

8. What do these represent inwardly - Soul, Spirit, Joints, Marrow? Soul: Lv 17:11, 14 h5315; Spirit: Job 20:3; Joints: Col 2:18-19 (Bones: Jer 20:9); Marrow: Pr 3:7-8. {Life h5315 is in the blood. Just as blood carries nourishment to the physical body, the soul is a person’s spiritual life, or, the record of all one knows by knowledge & experience; The spirit (breath) it is that which delivers information from the soul to others; The bones of the body are held together by joints & ligaments, the body being a symbol of self & the joints & ligaments representing the spiritual connections that make us who we are. When the king of Babylon saw the handwriting on the wall, the joints of his loins (mind, 1Pt 1:13) were loosed, and his knees smote one against another, Dan 5:6 - i.e. all things are naked & open to God, Pr 20:27; Bone marrow makes blood for the body. Spiritually, blood is understanding coming from self. Eternal life is in the understanding of spiritual things - thus, the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin, 1Jn 1:7.}

9. In how many points like ourselves, was our High Priest tempted and how many times did he sin? Verses 14, 15 {Jesus, in his humanity, is our example & confidence. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Amen!}


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