The Truth Concerning the CORRECT Timing of Christ's

Crucifixion & Resurrection

Originally under the name of Gerald Brown (his articles are still the backbone for this page)

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~The TRUTH about Passion Week, entirely from Scripture~

We encourage opposing views, but you must be willing to defend them from Scripture. It would also be helpful to YOU if you read the articles FIRST It is recommended they be read in the listed order.

Problems With Passion Week  PDF

Chart of the Problems of Passion Week  PDF

Sequence of Events for Passion Week   PDF

The Sign of the Prophet Jonah  PDF

The Day of His Death   PDF

Counting by Inclusive Reckoning  PDF

Finding the Empty Tomb  PDF

The Issue of the Three Days in the Tomb  PDF

Time-Line Calendars of Events of Passion Week - (Next three links share the same file but are on separate pages)

Time Line Calendars for Traditional Passion Week  PDF Only

Calendar - Month of Abib or Nisan at the Exodus   PDF Only

Calendar - The Requirements of Passover PDF Only

Jerusalem's Essene Gateway

Essene and Normative Calendars at Passion Week  PDF

Books Sought Giving Order of Events  PDF 

Attending Passover   PDF

Death on Passover   PDF

Prayer to the Father   PDF

Answers To Questions  PDF

What Other Author's & Websites are saying:

A Fresh Look At A Long Misunderstood TRUTH or An Inconvinient TRUTH  PDF

Annual Holy Days

Did Christ Die on Friday?

Differences Between Passover & Feast of Unleavened Bread

Genealogy of Jrsus Christ

Good Friday is a Myth; Jesus Died on a Wednesday!!

Hebrew Way of Counting Time

Jesus was Crucified on a Wednesday Afternoon

Mystery of Christ -Part 1

Mystery of Christ - Part 2

Sabbath Resurrection - The Case for the Wednesday Crucifixion of Christ

Sign of the Messiah

Significance of the Holy Days

The Chronology of Christ's Crucifixion & Resurrection

The Good Friday Myth

The Resurrection

The Sabbath: When is it? Twelve Criteria of the True Crucifixion & Resurrection Date  PDF

Time of Christ's Burial

Two Sabbaths

Understanding the Timing of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, Christ's Death & Pentecost

It doesn't get any clearer than how these non-SDA sites explain it! Especially if you are drawn to believe the traditional Roman views as espoused in the Desire of Ages account...All the is asked is that YOU compare your BIBLE with The Desire of Ages! The Truth is subtle, otherwise Rome would not have found it so easy to change the record.

Other Related Articles by Gerald Brown

A Fresh Look At A Long Misunderstood TRUTH  PDF

Bethlehem Ephratah  PDF Only

Carpenter for Torah Scholar  PDF

God's Time Table: Daniel 9: Time Facts or Time Fables?   PDF

Hebrew as a Dead Language?

Jesus’ Teaching on the State of the Dead   PDF

The Lord's Education Program   PDF




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